Commercial Law

Our office has as its main field of activity the Commercial Law, a branch of the law extremely vast and relatively new in terms of practice, doctrine and jurisprudence. From the multitude of subdomains of the Commercial Law, we focused mainly on the General part and the insolvency procedure.

We provide to our customers services at the highest level, in terms of:

  • Set up of companies, both in Romania and abroad (offshore structures worldwide), structure, ownership optimized according to each type of activity (offshore shareholders on multiple levels), mergers / aquisitions;

  • Set up of European Companies (Societas Europaea or SE)

  • Monitoring the management of companies (drafting the legal management plan containing such contracts to be completed for each specific activity, drafting contracts, legal advice and assistance in signing contracts), monitoring the relationship legal - accounting;

  • Procedures for amicable settlement of disputes;

  • Legal audit of a company;

  • Closures of companies: liquidation in simplified form, reorganization and insolvency proceedings;

  • Consultancy in matters of international trade;

  • Consultancy in matters of intellectual property.

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