About Us

Our practice is dedicated to the highest standards of professional expertise, with emphasis on excellence, efficiency and ethics.

The main focus is the relationship with the clients and a responsive, flexible approach to provide the highest quality service at a reasonable cost.

Beyond the diligence and expertise, our lawyers bring sound business solutions, imagination, open-mindedness and accessibility to their clients.

The main goal of our practice is to provide integrated legal services, especially business oriented legal advice to companies whose objective is to invest in Romania given our vast knowledge of the regional business environment.

The firm is organized in such a way to permit specialization and the assembly of multi-disciplinary approach of complex matters.

At the same time, we have been given a broad exposure to a variety of legal issues, so that we are likely to face in the representation of clients from various fields of activity.

This core personnel is complemented by an extensive network of correspondent Law Offices and attorneys throughout Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus.

Vigor - Allegorical Statue

Carol Storck "The Vigor"
Palace of Justice in Bucharest

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